Express Entry

Applicants who intend to immigrate to Canada could apply through Express Entry program, if they have certain requirements required by immigration Canada or the province which they apply for. Applicants, based on their qualifications, may apply for different subcategories under this program includes Federal skilled worker, Federal Skilled Trades, Canadian Experience Class, Provincial Nominee Program.

Federal Skilled worker:

Applicant who wishes to apply for this program must have relevant work experience, English or French language proficiency exam result, education level, proof of financial and desirable age. These qualifications calculate by a point system and applicants must earn minimum of 67 out of 100 points to be qualified for this program.

Canadian Experience Class:

This category is suitable for applicants who have work experience in Canada in appropriate occupations. Meanwhile there is no requirement for minimum level of education in this category, education would play a role in improving your score in Express Entry score system. Applicants must be able to show proof of their language ability.

Federal skilled Trades:

This program would be suitable for applicant who have a technical work experience. To order to be eligible for this program, applicant should meet following criteria including language proficiency requirements, at least 2 years full-time work experience in 5 years in skilled trade and valid job offer.